What is Tchoukball?

Pronounced as 'Chook-ball'. 'Tchouk' is the sound made when the ball rebounds from the frame.

Tchoukball is the fastest handball game in the world. It does not allow body contact, grabbing, intercepting or blocking the opponents. In fact the core characteristic of this sport is to respect the opponents and to allow them to play as skillfully as they can until a game breakdown and a turnover of the ball is given to the other team.


Principles of the game

 Dr Brandt's focus was to create a team sport that will promote the principles of

  1. Being competitive without encouraging aggression.
  2. Avoiding violent confrontations and increasing self-confidence.
  3. Developing the ability to concentrate.
  4. Promoting problem-solving and anticipation as well as physical ability
  5. Teaching teamwork and building positive social behavior, teaching principles of physics.


 Rules of the game  

In order to gain a point for the team, the team must be thrown at the end such that it lands over the line of the forbidden zone.

Played with a team of 7 players on court, the rules are as follow:

  1. The players are allowed to contact the ball with their hands, but no using of limbs below the knee.
  2. The boundaries are strictly followed. No player can stand in the 'D' with the ball, although it is allowed to be airborne

  3. The opposing team is not allowed to intercept the ball or guard/block the player executing the play. 
  4. A maximum pf three steps allowed for each player holding the ball before he/she can STRIKE or PASS the ball. 

  5. A maximum three passes are allowed by a single player before they can score a point.

  6. A maximum of 3 consecutive shots at a frame from both teams is allowed.



  1. A foul results in a turnover, resulting in the opposing team gaining possesion at the point where the foul occurs. This team then taps the ball on the ground while holding the ball with both hands and must then make one pass before they can shoot at goal. After a point is scored, the other team restarts the game behind the scoring frame.

  2. Only 3 passes between a team is allowed. Making 4 is considered a foul.

  3. Catching a rebound from your team's shot is not allowed.

  4. Stepping out of bounds with the ball is a foul.

  5. Dropping the ball is a foul.



Why Tchoukball?

Tchoukball is not just a regular sport. It endeavors to impact the society as a sport with a difference.

Dr. Hermann Brandt, a Swiss biologist, invented this sport in the 1970s, to offer the world of competitive sport a new paradigm to sportsmanship. This sport imbibes integrity and promotes social harmony. Dr. Brent was concerned that the world of sport has become overly concern with champions and winners that it has started to lose its collective purpose of playing as a team which is the primary quality for building a harmonious society. He put together all of the good elements of sports and came up with Tchoukball. 

The rules of '3's - maximum 3 passes within the team, 3 steps taken with the ball, 3 seconds to hold the ball, makes it an excellent sport for teambuilding and imparting life skills to people of all ages. 

Mr. Adolf Ogi, Special Counsellor to the UN Secretary-General for Sports in the Service of Development and Peace endorsed it -  “That is why we support the development plan for Tchoukball established by the International Union of Tchoukball. It should help to better convey throughout the world message of universal peace which transcend the athletic aspects of the sport.”  (Oct 2001) 

Development of Tchoukball in Thailand

Even before we were registered an as association, volunteers have helped brought a group of community kids to compete in Singapore at the Asia Pacific Youth Tchoukball Championship in year 2014.  Since our registration 2.5 years ago, we have managed to bring teams to compete in the World Championship 2015 in Taiwan (Kaohsiung), Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championships 2016 in China (Qujing), World Youth Championship 2016 in Taiwan (Taipei).  Apart from the international competitions, local teams have been playing together as well at the Bangkok Youth Tchoukball Championships, Bangkok Tchoukball Championship, Bangkok School Tchoukball Championships, Street Tchoukball Championships and planning for the future, Beach Tchoukball as well.  These have been precious life learning experiences for us and for the players. 

To top it all, this year we are honored to be hosting the 5th Southeast Asia Tchoukball Championship in Bangkok itself on the 3-5 November 2017 in Ramkhamhaeng University.  It is a big task for us being the first time hosting 9 other countries.

Come and join us!!!

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